Josef Vondrak

UX designer

Hi, my name is Josef.
I’d like to design digital products. I worked on SAAS products processing data and mobile apps for parental controls.

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Case studies



Smart city

I had covered the entire design process from research, ideation and prototyping and I delivered a design for a web app that helps users to interpret data from their IoT sensors.

ESCO energy market

I created the visual design for a web app that allows users to trade electricity and gas on the stock market.

Service desk

I organized and led workshop and multiple card sorting testing sessions to improve the information architecture of the Service desk, internal ticket system.


Plugin for MS Teams which allows users paperless distribution and management of documents for board members of the ČEZ group.


Poketka marketplace

I designed a new feature for Poketka app (Android) to enable users to turn on/off third party plugins.

Travel insurance plugin for George

I created a new process that enables clients to buy travel insurance in the George store. I covered ideation, prototyping, and user testing.

Erste API portal

I led two workshops and conducted user research to tweak the information architecture of the developer portal.

Enrollment process for third parties

I helped the team to redesign the process during the design sprint and then I redesigned web app for a third party management.

Good data

Analytical designer

As part of the design and SCRUM team, I was continuously improving part of GoodData (SaaS product) Analytical designer with features like:

  • Pivot tables
  • Configuration of visualization
  • New chart types
  • Data export


Agátin svět

I created a wireframe and specification for a visual designer and developers for the redesiging of the e-commerce site During the design process which went through the usual phases like user interviews, ideation, prototyping, and user testing, I communicated with various stakeholders like SEO and marketing specialists, visual designer, and owners of course.


I prepared materials for the visual design and development of the e-commerce site To understood business and user customer needs, I conducted interviews with company employees and users. Based on outcomes I designed a wireframe which I tested with users to get early feedback.

What they said about me?

I worked with Josef on the project SmartCity and IoT Portal for 6 months. Josef was very communicative and open to discussion about design and I always got a quick answer to any question. I can only recommend him, if you want to get a beautiful design with a focus on UX and customer needs. It's easy to cooperate with him.

Foto Armen Hajrapetjan Armen Hajrapetjan

Smart City

You better listen when Pepa has something to say: his observations and ideas are deep and thoughtful, full of wit, and goes to the heart of the root causes, goes to the soul of your Business. Deep focus and ownership are Pepa´s natural strengths. We still enjoy the timeless benefits of his work on the design of "Marketplace" in Poketka our NFC mobile wallet as a crucial part of the big vision of FintechCloud, a brand new channel and acceleration platform. I wish Pepa will work for me again.

Foto Tomáš Žďára Tomáš Žďára
Product Owner
Česká spořitelna

I would like to thank Pepa for the brilliant cooperation. I need to emphasize his very honest approach towards the project itself and mainly for the communication. I welcome his ability to perceive project complexity and simultaneously cover all of the details. His ability to keep deadlines or fast communication when it changes, helped us in cooperation with other partners, who also worked on the preparation of the new site.

Foto Kristýna Křížová Kristýna Křížová
Co-owner of

Working with Pepa was great! I appreciate that in every moment of cooperation he contributed to the team with his ideas and moved the team forward. At the same time, Pepa is always ready to accept and think about the opinions of others. Equally important is Pepa's independence and great communication about potential problems. If someone is looking for a person with a great overview of UX, HCD and CX methodologies, with a clear focus on the users and their needs and at the same time always open, Pepa is the right choice.

Foto Štěpán Kouba Štěpán Kouba
IT leader

Česká spořitelna

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